Myteamcoin is a Blockchain Project consists four main elements which offer inclusive solutions to the global sports industry with innovative and revolutionary perspective. Please read the White Paper for more information.

Key Features

Being the most important stakeholder of sports clubs, the evolution of the fan towards the customer has become important first of all to establish a healthy communication in order to increase the dependence of the fans on their clubs. Increasing the service quality in line with the wishes and expectations of the fans will be an economic return.

For this purpose, with the accelerating effect of social media, the width of service responsibility of sports clubs increases within the framework of brand awareness.

A strong economy and continuity in the flow of resources become the most important factor in achieving…

In parallel with the development of technology, sports have spread to large masses and the individuals and organizations involved in this sector over time; In addition to globalization, with the professionalization process, it has transformed sports activities from being a game into an economically functional area.

In this transformation, clubs have evolved into businesses, and fans and audiences into consumers. 

Sports, which enables the formation of large consumer groups and their coming together, has also been used as a means of marketing and has gained a commercial dimension and reached an industrial position with the effect of the rapidly…


A sportech organization become a digital bridge between fans whit sportclubs.

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